IT'S YOU Net (IO1)

IT’S YOU Net is a European social network for the exchange of experiences, ideas, and reflections on intercultural citizenship issues. Its structure is composed of two areas one dedicated to Youth Workers (professionals and/or volunteers) working in the field of citizenship and interculturality and wishing to activate an active confrontation and exchange of good practices on intercultural citizenship issues with other European operators; the second area is dedicated to the young people targeted by the project and promotes the exchange of experiences and good practices among young Europeans engaged in implementing and/or disseminating intercultural citizenship practices.



How can I update my email and/or password?
On your profile page, on the right-hand side click on your profile picture to display the drop-down menu. Click on Account Settings.
What else can I do on Account Settings?
Update Notifications Settings, request an export of your personal data, Delete your Account, and manage your Account Privacy.
How DO I create a new group?
Go to the Groups Menu and click on “Create A Group”. Follow the steps.
How do i change groups avatar and banner?
Go to the Group page and then click on the tab “Manage”. Upload the Group avatar from the sub-tab “Photo”. Upload the group cover from the sub-tab “Cover Images”.